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Hi friends!  Welcome to my little space on the web.


I am so excited to share some of my life with you, as well as create a space for a community of women who support each other. I'll be sharing my favorite beauty finds, makeup tips & tricks, fashion finds, faith, home decor, my health & wellness journey, and also tidbits from my life as a Mom.

Wondering who I am?


I am was born in Baton Rouge and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana, so if you catch that little accent here and there….well that’s the Cajun in me. My husband and I moved to Houston, Texas right after my daughter was born in 2013 for my his job, and (a move I thought was temporary but now this place feels like HOME). I found out just how vital a tribe can be in a woman's life through this relocation.  The women I met at the gym, at church, and in my neighborhood have become my soul sisters, and without them warrioring on beside me through thick and thin, I'm not sure where I'd be.

That's why I've made a career out supporting and empowering other women. My  professional background (social media and marketing) plus my current career (bariatric surgery medical sales) made me perfectly suited for the influencer work I do now.  Plus, I LOVEEEE beauty and fashion...AND supporting small businesses!


I have always been little fashionista.  I carried a purse since I was three years old and my Dad used to call me Imelda because of my love for shoes.  In high school I had in my room a floor-to-ceiling wall for all of my shoes. So sharing my personal favorite things on social media became something I did for fun, but quickly I saw that in the current world we live in, there is major opportunity to monetize this particular skillset that I I did! And I have.  And I absolutely love it.  It doesn't feel like work. 


So thank you for letting me share some of my favorite things and life with you.  I would love for you to follow me on @lizgraysonlandry on Instagram, subscribe to my mailing list for new blog posts and insider tips and fun hacks, or your can join my VIP group where I share daily finds and makeup tips.


I am looking forward to connecting with you all!  


Much Love,


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