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Rockin' Pets, Rollin' Vets

Hi Friends! So if you know a little bit about me, you know that I LOVE my fur babies!!! Our pets are truly a part of our family. I had a great opportunity to check out the mobile vet bus with Rollin Vets for my labradoodle Oakley. I am sure if you follow me, you have seen a photo or two of Oakley!

Rockin’ Pets, Rollin’ Vets! Rollin Vets is a full-service mobile Veterinary clinic on wheels serving the pets and families of the greater Houston area 7 days a week. Their goal is to provide exceptional care, while reducing stress on the pet & client by bringing our services straight to your home.

They offer: 1. health & wellness visits 2. end of life care 3. in-house labs 4. routine surgeries & dental

@my.dood.oakley had the best visit and he liked Dr. Katie Eick so much that he went back on the bus. This is such a convenient way to get vet care at home and save you time by letting the vet come to you! I highly recommend their services . Rollin' Vets

So the next time that you need a vet appointment for your fur babies, don't forget to check out Rollins Vets on their website at

Much Love,

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