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I really don't know what compelled me to share this today, but here are 10 facts and things about myself that I normally keep totally private:

1. I may only have 1 kid but I love children and babies. I started babysitting when I was only nine years old till college. I worked in the church nursery and children’s church from the time I was a young pre-teen till high school. I was the cool sitter that took the girls to TP their friends houses.

2. I am a total book nerd. I never played Nintendo. I am on a plaque at LJ Alleman Middle School for breaking AR points records. I was reading Gone with the Wind in 6th grade!

3. I am half Korean. My dad was in the army after he finished law school at LSU and met my mom.

4. I used to be an extremely talented classical piano player. I started playing at 5 years old. My Korean tiger mom never let me quit. And she didn’t let me play certain sports to protect my fingers. It pains me to say that I used to be able to sight read the hardest music and trick my teachers that I practiced for hours. Now I suck hence the “used to be”.

5. I have never been to South Korea! Every time we talk about going something tragic happens. My brother passed away. Global Pandemic. Hope my mom gets to go home soon.

6. I married a neat freak and I am a mess behind closed doors aka closets. I get too busy and let things pile up. Hence my office and closet current situation.

7. I wanted to be a pediatric neonatologist growing up. I started off in nursing and when I got to geriatric clinical I realized I didn’t want to go that path. Then I considered law school after college. I would have made a darn good attorney since I like to make my point.

8. I can sing but am weird about it now. Probably because I don’t use my pipes like I used to. Like anything you have to practice.

9. I led praise and worship at our church in college for a few years. I learned a lot as a college student and a young adult about church operations

10. My parents are both bilingual. My dad was born in Venezuela. Mi no hablo espanol or Korean.

The secret's out! What is something that I don’t know about you?

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