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Forever Roses, Love, and Gift Ideas

I love flowers and I especially love fresh flowers in my home and kitchen. Most women do right! Roses can make anyones day and I usually send my own mom flowers every Mother's Day or for special holidays to brighten her day. With Mother's Day approaching in the next month, I wanted to share some beautiful preserved roses that can make a unique gift this year.

Le Jardin Infini (“the infinite garden”) offers real roses that were picked at their perfect bloom, dipped into a non-toxic formula to preserve their natural beauty - ALL YEAR LONG! With no maintenance needed, all you have to do is find the perfect spot in your home. I love that these roses don't die in a week or so your preserved flowers will last a lot longer in someone's home. These beautiful preserved roses in a box arrangements can spruce up a bathroom, make a great spot in your home office, brighten up a coffee table, or even brighten a bookshelf. There are so many places in your home that Le Jardin Infini arrangements can make a lasting impression. I liked my box on my coffee table for a splash of color. There are so many places in your home or office that these beautiful preserved roses can make an everlasting impression and the perfect gift.

You can check out all the options and order your forever roses here

Much Love,

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