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Chill Out with Evian® Natural Mineral Water Spray

On hot Texas summer days, keeping cool and hydrated is a priority! If you are spending time out in the sun, sitting outdoors at kids sporting events, or just want something to chill you off then check out the Evian® Natural Mineral Water Spray! I love how the @evianspray comes in two different sizes so it’s so easy to throw in my bag and keep cool throughout the day. Unlike other sprays, evian® Facial Spray provides an ultra-fine microdroplet mist that allows the upper layer of skin to absorb the unique content only found in evian® water. This process allows the skin to experience an unparalleled boost of natural hydration, won't irritate skin and is safe for all skin types.

This spray makes my skin instantly feel cooled off, moisturizes my skin, and makes my makeup look more hydrated and dewy.

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