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Kiss Blackheads Goodbye

The nose pores do not lie my friends. I know when it is time for me to get a facial based off the pores on my nose. They can easily get clogged and create small blackheads and this gets worse with the Texas summer heat. I have been using this amazing new face mask to exfoliate my skin as well as keep the blackheads far away. @PeterThomasRothOfficial new Pro Strength Microdermabrasion Blackhead Extractor is an easy rinse off treatment that helps keep my pores clean. I apply it on clean skin and after a few minutes mix with water to exfoliate and rinse off. My skin feels smoother, tighter, and my pores are so much clearer. My make up even goes on smoother after using this treatment.

So what's in it and how does it work?

It's a Purifying clay-based formula expertly exfoliates in three ways:

  1. 2% Salicylic Acid chemically exfoliates to help extract blackhead-causing dirt, oil and pollutant.

  2. 5% Microencapsulated Enzymatic Complex enzymatically exfoliates to help gently loosen surface impurities.

  3. Aluminum Oxide Crystals physically exfoliate to whisk away pore-clogging debris released by the chemical and enzymatic exfoliation leaves skin appearing smoother, clearer and more radiant.

You can find this amazing new mask at Sephora! Also linked here

Cheers to Clear Pores & Skin,

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