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Beauty Pie: What's in my new Box!

Do you love finding new beauty products? I have been enjoying my products from @beautypie Mother’s Day box and wanted to share them with you. But first what exactly is Beauty Pie? @beautypie is the first ever membership club for beauty lovers. Members can get luxury beauty without the luxury prices. Super cool right? At, Members shop for luxury products from the world’s leading beauty labs and get access to the same luxury cosmetics and high-performance skincare, without paying for the middlemen, or the retailer’s markup. Consider walking into the worlds best skincare lab, and getting a special price, as if it was owned and operated by your sister.

Here is my review of my favorite 3 products from my first box:

1. WONDERGLOSS COLLAGEN LIP OIL/GLOSS: This lip product delivers balm, shine and deep nourishment in a single slick. This supercharged lip oil gives a sheer kiss of colour, with a shiny, balmy, hydrating finish. Not-at-all-sticky which is a must for me! The color is so pretty and it gives a dewy and plump look.


While you, in your own bathroom with our 5-minute peel formula, can undergo an equally deep clean sweep! This is the best do-it-yourself facial peel we've ever found. With dead-cell sloughing Glycolic Acids, powerful Pomegranate Enzymes, gentle Quartz and Bamboo scrub grains, purifying Salicylic Acid and anti-free-radical Stem Cells from Raspberries, this triple-tasking leave-on peeling mask is a marvel.


Like a do-it-yourself ‘Oxygen Facial’ – every time you apply it. In 15 minutes, it brightens, moisturizes, re-energizes, clarifies and clears skin. A miracle, really. Formulated by a Nobel-Institute epidemiologist to re-oxygenate the skin, and used in a leading Swiss spa by his wife, this is the ORIGINAL stabilized Oxygen formula, the secret to the ‘Oxygen Facial’ and an absolute miracle for a tired, dull, or breakout-prone face.

If Beauty Pie sounds like something you will love, code LIZSENTME gives you one month free when you sign up.

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